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Add messaging while waiting for API to process in the background#336

I think this would create a benefit because the user is not waiting for the bot to process information they will still be engaged with the bot while the process is going on in the background.

Even just having 1 or 2 messages to fill in the time gap between the APi response would be helpful.

User selects- Get Weather Report
[sends API Response from continually]
We are currently grabbing the weather report for you. (5 second delay)
Weatherman Gif (5 second delay)
Your weather report for today is {​{​data from API}}

This would extend the API time from 3 seconds to at least 10 seconds.

One thing that would be really cool is that if there is a problem getting the data from the API then we can use an if statement or tag to move the user to another section in the workflow to try and process the API request again or to let them know that their is an error and to contact our support staff.

Get Data From API
Send Some Messages
If the API request is sucessful then proceed.
If API request timed out or failed then go to to this step.

9 months ago
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9 months ago
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Under consideration
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